Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we get asked.

What is TRX/HIP/Barre?

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We have a comprehensive class types page here however these are the 3 classes we get asked about the most.


This stands for Total Resistance eXercise and utilises straps and handles. It's a high intensity class designed to build strength.

Pilates (HIP)

This stands for High Intensity Power and is a Pilates class that challenges rather than retrains the body. We layer traditional Pilates movements (waist twists, side reaches) onto planks, lunges and squats.


A low impact but high intensity class consisting of small, precise movements performed at the ballet barre or on the mat. It is set to up tempo music and is designed to burn out various muscle groups in turn to build strength and tone.

What should I wear on my feet for classes?

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Pilates (HIP) + Yoga (Vinyasa + Power)

Barefoot OR socks/grip socks

Barre, Barre Burn, Pilates (Mat) + Pilates (Springboard), Yoga (Yin)


TRX + Sweat classes

How much are the classes after my trial has finished?

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Please visit our prices page for a detailed breakdown.

How many spaces are there in each class?

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10 spaces

Pilates (Mat + HIP) + Yoga

10 spaces (12 spaces for unwind yoga)


7 spaces

Pilates (Springboard)

7 spaces

Can I share my pass with my friend/partner/housemate?

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Family members and partners can share class passes but not unlimited memberships. Friends + house mates cannot share passes.

What should I wear for classes?

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Socks must be worn for all Pilates classes.

We suggest wearing comfortable clothing you can move in.

In some classes you might get sweatier than others so at first we recommend layers e.g. vest + light jumper.

For Yoga (Unwind) we suggest warmer clothing + socks as you hold positions for a long time. For Yoga (Vinyasa Flow) and Pilates (HIP) we suggest tighter clothing e.g tops that won't fall over your head in certain positions.

Do you have any adult kit for sale?

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Yes! We sell Pointe Studio socks + Noble Yoga leggings + tops.

I had a back/knee/shoulder injury and my doctor said I should do some exercise. Is there anything you'd recommend?

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This very much depends on your injury.

Pilates (Mat) is the safest and lowest impact class we offer. Barre is also excellent for hip/knee/ankle alignment and strengthening as well as being low impact.

Please call or email the studio ( if you would like further advice so we can consult with our instructors and suggest the best class for you.