In each class you will be taken through an increasingly challenging series of Pilates exercises designed to build core strength. By targeting the deep architectural muscles of the body, posture will improve and an overall longer + leaner look achieved. Mat Pilates is suitable for everyone, with exercises being adapted to suit every level and any limitations.

Mat Pilates is often prescribed by GPs to those suffering injuries (particularly back issues) and is known for it’s rehabilitative qualities.

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Invented by Ellie Herman, the Springboard is a wall-mounted resistance machine that provides an invigorating full-body workout.

Springboard classes incorporate mat work, props, leg and arm springs, and more.

Clifford Studios is one of only 2 studios in London offering these classes and Jo trained privately with Ellie in Brooklyn, NYC in order to bring this innovative take on the Pilates method to Barnes.

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High Intensity Power

HIP Pilates is the brainchild of Lisa Bradshaw. This involves more dynamic exercises than regular Mat, is faster paced and coordinates bigger ranges of movement. The aim is to get onto your feet, find your global muscles and challenge them. This will definitely make you sweat and is great for improving bone health and increasing your heart rate.

We recommend HIP™ as an additional class to your regular mat practice, complementing rather than replacing it.

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Barre + Dance


Barre utilises the body’s own resistance in conjunction with weights and other small equipment. Exercises are performed at the barre and on the mat. Small isometric contractions are integrated with an interval training approach that burns fat and improves cardiovascular fitness.

This workout is suitable for everybody; various modifications are given throughout the class to cater for all. Each teacher brings a different approach to the Barre so don't expect the same class style from all!

With Barre, we exercise through dance however with Tap, Ballet + Street Fit, we teach you how to dance; exercise being a welcome benefit.

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Barre Burn

Adding a heart-rate raising element into your Barre class; this 45 minute session intersperses 3 minute HIIT intervals with your usual Barre exercises.

Not only will you feel the familiar burn of those small repetitive movements; you'll get the added fire of global muscles being used with more high impact moves!

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Barre + Stretch

After 45 mins of Barre to warm up the body so the stretching is most effective; you will work from top to bottom. Starting with the head, neck, shoulders and spine; going all the way to the deep hip flexors and hamstrings for splits.

Stretching will be passive; letting gravity do the work once the correct alignment is found. This will be combined with active stretching; especially for those of you who are more mobile; using arm strength to increase the depth of the stretch. After we get past the warm up stretches we hold the stretches from 30 sec - 3min each.

Johanna has based the class and stretches on the structure she followed for years as a dance student and later a professional dancer.

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We currently offer a regular Intermediate level Tap class. For total beginners, please attend at least one of our 90 minute weekend workshops before joining the Intermediate class. Please click the button below to register your interest in a workshop.

The class is led by Ellis; an inspiring and professional teacher qualified to a high level with the ISTD.

Coordination and technique are developed through short exercises and routines; improved fitness and strength being a great bonus to learning a new skill. Each week steps are repeated and developed, along with sequences and dances learned; so it will be beneficial to attend regularly rather than dropping in and out. Trial tap shoes available for your first class!

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Strength + Cardio


'TRX' stands for Total Resistance Exercise. It was created by the US Navy SEALs and requires the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer; a portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to complete hundreds of exercises.

These exercises develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.

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Sweat + Circuits/Low Impact Circuits

This class varies from week to week; combining equipment and bodyweight exercises to build up strength, increase the heart rate and get a sweat on!

The 'Low Impact' version will never include any jumping but will definitely still do all the above so certainly not an 'easier' option.

You'll do AMRAPs, EMOMs, Tabata, pyramid sets, ladders, supersets, tri-sets and much more in any one session with no 2 classes being the same!

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Sweat + Swing

In this class we swing, lift + press the kettlebells to increase the heart rate and build strength.

The shape and design of a kettlebell means that whilst using it your centre of gravity is constantly changing; increasing your stability and mobility simultaneously.

Popular with the Russian and US Special Forces, KB workouts are full body sessions; increasing muscle mass and burning fat, resulting in a leaner and firmer body.Our classes are limited to 8 to ensure the correct use of the kettlebell.

Trainers are worn for this class and all props + equipment provided.

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Sweat to the Beat

Think aerobics, HIIT, dance + cardio in one 45 minute session; moving to the beat and sweating from the start.

Each round consists of 6 mins of cardio, 3 mins of strength and an abdominal round. We complete 3 rounds in each class and every week the moves are different.

There's a lot of jumping in this class however lower impact options are given.

This class is currently only available online and you'll follow along for the whole session, simply requiring a towel and water!

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Sweat Box

Using light hand weights and boxing inspired moves, this is a high intensity cardio class that will strengthen your legs, arms, core and importantly, your heart.

Expect low impact and high impact options suitable for all levels.

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A strong and intense workout with accessible postures that challenge the body in new ways. Power classes are inspired by traditional yoga, opening up typically tight areas like shoulders, hips and hamstrings. Expect a high energy session that will strengthen and tone as well as leave you feeling more flexible than ever before. Participants see sports performance improvement in other areas and pain reduction from the very first class.

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Vinyasa Flow

Focussed on linking the breath with movement, balance, core strength and flexibility; this is a dynamic style of Yoga. Vinyasa Flow provides a moving meditation as well as a good workout and stretch.

Time on your mat should be nurturing, fun and uplifting.

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A slow-paced, meditative style of yoga with postures that are held for longer periods of time. By holding the postures the stretch is allowed to reach the myofascia of the body which helps maintain healthy joints and releases fresh blood cells around the entire body; including the organs.

Usually passive and seated, Yin leaves muscles relaxed as gravity and time deepen each stretch. This is a healing and releasing class that can be challenging at times, especially to those unused to slowing down.

Layers are recommended for this class such as socks and a jumper.

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TRX Yoga

Designed to complement your body weight training AND your yoga practise, the straps will become your new favourite prop!

Find out how the TRX can provide support in yoga poses as well as add a new element of ‘pull’ to your practice. This gives you access to movements previously not possible in your regular yoga class as well as a fluidity that is not often present in a traditional TRX session.

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Family Flow

An opportunity for parents and children to do yoga together. This is an all-inclusive monthly session* with the aim of you having fun with your child/children. We will work through group exercises, partner work, make silly shapes and learn some breathing techniques. We will teach you ways to move together and hopefully give you tools you can take away and do together again, outside of the studio.

Come with an open mind and you will leave feeling energised and connected to your children. Children aged between 4 and 14 years old welcome. Please make sure you reserve a space for your child/children when booking as spaces are limited to 10.

*Usually the last Sunday of each month.

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Class levels

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New to the exercise type or exercise in general. Expect a slower paced class with the opportunity to ask questions and check positions/execution.

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Some prior experience of the exercise type and generally body aware. Expect to follow instructions to maintain the flow of the class.

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Prior experience of the exercise type and extremely body aware. Expect a fast paced class with more complex choreography and/or non stop action!

Please ask if you would like help choosing a level. As a rule, we believe you get out of a class what you put in, regardless of level. A beginners class can be a great opportunity to focus on your posture or technique - it will never be too easy! We do expect you to read the class description and be aware of the level of class you are attending.