Dance and fitness classes for children and adults in Barnes, SW London.

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children's dance

Developing strength and flexibility is at the core of our children's classes.

We make dance captivating and interesting; through shows, exams and the unique approach and attitude of our teachers.

Small class sizes mean our experienced teachers give attention to and get to know each child; individualising their approach where necessary.

As a result, our pupils learn not only pirouettes and high kicks but also the value of commitment, hard work and discipline.

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adult dance + fitness

Our primary aim at Clifford Studios is to get people moving.

At our bespoke studio, we break down as many barriers to exercise as possible by offering a variety of classes and a flexible timetable.

Small class sizes mean our experienced teachers can give attention to each class member as well as get to know their individual needs and aims.

Classes can be booked online or via our app, and we offer a range of payment options from drop in right through to memberships.