According to our parents, the best things about Clifford Studios are:  
The program + the great attitude of the teachers | The enthusiasm | Friendly staff | Doing both tap and ballet | Dedicated teachers

They say that their children’s balance, coordination, posture, rhythm, enthusiasm, imagination, dance technique and confidence have improved as a result of dancing at Clifford Studios.

What parents say about classes:

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“The best thing about Clifford Studios is the dedicated teachers. Hannah is learning new things with her friends and growing with the school. It’s a great local option.”
Katrina + Hannah – Ballet, Tap, Modern + Performance

“We chose Clifford Studios because it is fun + friendly as well as the variety of Tap, Modern + Ballet; I didn’t want just a ballet class. Ameera’s balance, co-ordination and dance technique have improved in the 4 years she has been at Clifford Studios.”
Fatema + Ameera – Ballet + Tap

“Maya joined when she was just 2 and is always excited to go to dancing. She loves rhythm and after class always tries out the moves she has learnt. She is getting discipline from the classes and her imagination has expanded since joining.”
Janet + Maya – HOP

“Josh loves to tap dance, especially the fact that he wears ‘special shoes’! We were really pleased to find a dance class that was not just ballet, which is ‘traditionally’ for girls. Josh always talks to me afterwards about which music he enjoyed most too.”
Imogen + Josh – HOP

Thank you, Jo, for providing such a great environment for the kids to learn in. Your wonderful smile and attitude encourage my child to keep going! Her posture, rhythm and confidence have improved as a result of dancing at Clifford Studios.”
Ana + Jophiel – Tap + Modern

“Jo makes my son Jakub feel more comfortable with girls and more confident in general. We joined after seeing Clifford Studios perform at the Barnes Summer Fair in 2013 and hearing everyone else’s lovely opinions of the school. Jakub always says he had a good time after he’s finished class.”
Magda + Jakub – JUMP

“My daughter Izzy joined Clifford Studios when she was 6 and has loved it. Jo is very professional; always ensuring the girls warm up properly and work on the correct posture + control before the fun ‘show’ elements.”
David + Izzy – Tap + Modern

What parents say about performances:

clifford studios testimonials parents reccommendation dance Barnes London ballet tap modern

“ Thank YOU so much for a wonderful, wonderful show. So... Now your ambition is REALLY beginning to shine. The whole thing was such great entertainment. Amazing to see what you can do on a large stage.
Laura + Lily - Tap, Modern + Ballet

“Thank you very much for a great experience for Lucia . We can see an enormous difference in her confidence and trust of peers and adults. The difference is remarkable. We cannot thank you enough!“
Lynda + Lucia - Tap, Modern, Ballet + Performance

“I know all the hard work you all put in, and the girls, but it really was worth every minute. I was so proud to see the transformation, and the other week at the Barnes Fair I saw the stage where CSD performed last year - just incredible to see the growth/expertise and professionalism. I am beyond delighted with Amelie's progression at Clifford Studios, you know she adores it and that's down to you and Miss Lucy. I can't thank you all enough.“
Lysbeth + Amelie - Ballet

“Have just come back from the amazing performance. It was fantastic. Huge congratulations for putting it on. The girls were all brilliant!! I was so impressed.“ 
Penny + Lola - SKIP

“Just a note to say thank you and congratulations on a fantastic show. Wonderful that our little ones have the opportunity to be part of the production - Ella-May has enjoyed and learnt so much. It was great to see and my son thoroughly enjoyed watching it too.“
Lisa + Ella-May - HOP

“I hope you have recovered from all your hard work for the show.  The show was absolutely fantastic and Clodagh loved taking part, thank you for including the little ones.“
Ruth + Clodagh - HOP

“The show was truly wonderful. A credit to all involved. Thank you for inspiring the girls. For general confidence it's such a great thing to do. Plus I think the show helped the girls bond a bit more so Stella now feels they are friends rather than just other kids who dance at the same time.“
Dominique + Stella - JUMP

I just wanted to say I thought the quality of the dancing today was the best I’ve ever seen. Really, the kids have come along so far, it’s such a tribute to your fantastic teaching. I really mean that and It’s wonderful to see how CSD has grown, there are so many dancers now!!"
Lysbeth + Amelie - Ballet