Term Dates 

Summer 2019

Start Date
Tuesday 23rd April

Half Term (no classes)
Monday 27th May - Sunday 2nd June

Final Date
Saturday 13th July

11 week term/ 10 week term for Monday students.
Please note there ARE classes on Monday 6th May.

Autumn 2019

Start Date
Saturday 7th September*

Half Term (no classes)
Saturday 26th Oct - Saturday 2nd Nov

Final Date
Saturday 14th Dec

12 week term
* We start back on Thursday 5th September for Tap + Modern due to various venue changes during the term
You will notice that 7th Sept - 14th Dec is longer than 12 weeks as there are some weeks with no classes due to venue availability. If your class is at the studio there is no change. More details will be sent asap.