Cancellation of classes

We understand that things come up and you'll need to cancel classes from time to time.

Please do this in the same way you booked in; either via our Mindbody booking software (our app, the MindBody app or our MindBody site), by telephoning the studio (make sure you speak to someone to guarantee a cancellation) or by visiting the studio.

If you do this 12 hours before the class starts, you keep your credits. This is because there is ample time to fill your space.

If you do this less than 12 hours before the class starts, you lose your credits. This is because it's difficult to fill your space 5 minutes before for example!

If you do not cancel at all you will lose your credits and be charged a £5 'no show' fee. This is because no one was able to fill your space and we will have ended up with empty mats/TRX's/Springboards.

If we cancel a class for any reason, you will keep your credits and/or we will extend your pass accordingly.

Extending your pass

For 5 hour passes you get 2 months to use your credits, for 10 hour passes it's 4 months and for 15 hours it's 6 months. 

If you find you have credits left over and your pass is running out, we cannot extend unless there are extenuating circumstances. These will be judged at the discretion of the Studio Founder.

If you end up with 1 or 2 credits on your pass that you cannot use, we will add these to the next pass you buy so you don't lose them.

Studio Vibes

Arrive on time for your class
Early in the morning and after 6pm we do not have a front desk presence but there is always 5 - 15 minutes between classes. The door is locked 5 minutes after the start of class. We cannot allow late entry as not only does it disrupt the class but you miss the warm up and the chance to let the instructor know about any injuries or issues you might be working with that day.

Turn your phone off when you put it in the cubby hole/your bag
Especially for quieter classes like Pilates + Yoga.

Wear clean shoes to the studio
Please wipe your shoes on the welcome mat before going into the studio.

Let your instructor know about any injuries at the start of class
If you want to discuss your injury with your instructor then please aim to arrive early enough to do so. The instructor will always ask at the start of class too.

Wait to be asked to enter the studio by your instructor
Sometimes instructors need to set up the room or go through some of the moves they are going to teach you.

Mutual respect
We are here to help and aim to treat you with respect and courtesy at all times. Equally, we expect our staff to be treated respectfully at all times by those who use our services, or visit our shop. We do not accept harassment or intimidation of our staff nor do we tolerate behaviour that is in any way discriminatory.