showcase update : 5th july

As we approach the last few classes before the showcase, please see below for final details!

Please be reminded that all Wednesday, Thursday + Saturday classes are happening as normal - the rehearsal on Saturday is an additional session so please make sure you attend your regular classes.

Following last week's rehearsal, please see revised times for this Saturday. As you all experienced, the signing in system is lengthy (but necessary), hence the adjustments. We will have helpers and older children assisting younger pupils and taking them to their designated chaperone. 

1.45pm - Part 1 pupils arrival
2.00pm - Part 1 rehearsal start
2.30pm - Part 2 pupils arrival
2.45pm - Part ! + 2 pupils start
3.15pm  - Part 1 pupils departure
3.45pm - Pre Primary, Hop+ Skip pupils departure
4.00pm - Rest of pupils departure

Please send your child dressed in their first dance uniform, with the rest of their uniform packed (where relevant). This means all tap shoes, ballet shoes, black socks, pink socks, belts etc as per the UNIFORM REQUIREMENTS LIST.

Your child's chaperone will bring them out to you to sign out on Saturday so please be on the lookout at the appropriate time.

Please click for directions and information on parking at the theatre. 

Please drop your child at the stage door where Ellis or Ciera will sign them in. We will have helpers and older pupils escorting the younger pupils into the theatre.

Below are the planned times:

12.15pm - Part 1 pupils arrival
12.30pm - Part 1 pupils start
12.45pm - Part 2 pupils arrival
1.00pm - Part 2 pupils start (any Part 1 ONLY pupils can be picked up and taken off for 30 mins if required - please let Ciera or Ellis know this when you sign in)
1.30pm - all pupils rehearsal
1.45pm - snack time/hair preparation
2.30pm - show starts

Please arrive at approximately 2.15pm so that we can start promptly at 2.30pm. You will be allowed entry into the auditorium once the pupils are all ready as they will be sitting in the theatre with you at the front of the stage.

Please wear your wristband tickets so they can be checked as you are walking in. 

Seating is unallocated however the front row/part of the front row will be reserved for the parents of pupils doing Drama. This is so that parents will be able to hear their children as the venue is not equipped with floor mics. We sincerely hope that EVERYONE will be able to hear but thank you for understanding that it is important for the parents of those children speaking to be guaranteed this.

If you are planning on bringing young children, please be aware that each part will be approximately 30 minutes. If they are likely to become restless and disruptive, please take them outside rather than distract the performers. 

Drinks will be served in the interval and everyone will be entitled to one drink per ticket.

At the end of the show, you will need to collect your child from the stage door and sign them out.

Spare tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis from 3.30pm on Wednesday 6th July at Kitson Hall.

If there are any left after this point we will let you know.

summer showcase rehearsals - 2nd + 9th july :

We are really looking forward to having the majority of the school together over the next 2 weekends - and to showing you all what we have been doing this year in classes!

As we have over 50 children participating, please take the time to familiarise yourself with the arrangements. This is so that your child has the best possible experience. They really don't like being in the wrong uniform or missing out on rehearsal time that their peers have had.

The purpose of the next two Saturdays is to familiarise the pupils with how they will get on and off the stage and get them used to dancing in front of an audience. It is also for us to understand the running order and make tweaks where required. Do not worry, your child will not be dancing for 2 hrs / 1 hr 15 mins ! They will be mostly sitting down and watching others then practising walking onto the stage. We hope to be able to practice a bit of their dances/drama pieces but it is unlikely -  that is what the lessons in the week and on Saturday mornings are for.

Please click here for the uniform requirements for the showcase - they are nothing more than your child's regular uniform however we know that socks + laces etc can get lost! Please ensure you have all the items, and, if you know you don't, we are doing an extra uniform order this THURSDAY 30th JUNE so you can get items delivered to you on/by Saturday. *** PLEASE LABEL YOUR UNIFORM BEFORE SATURDAY ***

On both Saturdays and on the showcase day itself, please send your child in their FIRST DANCE/DRAMA item of uniform. The running order is;
1. Ballet*
2. Drama
3. Tap/Modern
* If your child is in Jnr/Inter Performance AND Ballet, we have talked to them about what to wear - please ask them and, failing that, email Miss Jo!

If your child is in more than one dance, please pack ALL the items they will require and send them along with them this Saturday. 

As for exams, visible underwear lines are not allowed. Please think of dancing like wearing a swimming costume and in most cases, bras/knickers are not necessary. If your child does need to wear either item, please ensure they are seam free - see below for our suggestions as to where to purchase. Specialist dance bras can be purchased through the school.

M+S seamfree briefs
Tesco seamfree briefs

2.00 - 2.45pm - Part 1 pupils
2.45 - 3.15pm - all pupils
3.15 - 4.00pm - Part 2 pupils

Please click here for a list.

Rehearsals are at Kitson Hall and you/whoever is dropping off will need to sign in/out. You will then be told who their chaperone is for the duration of the rehearsal and you can leave your child with them.

We do want to start as soon as possible so please do not hang around - we promise they will be well looked after and entertained; watching all the dances/being part of the excitement.

We hope that your child will not need to eat for the period they are at the hall for rehearsals however if you think they will, please send non-messy snacks, avoiding nuts. Please also equip your child with bottled water only, rather than cartons of juice or smoothies that can spill/stain.

showcase :
sunday 10th july, michaelis theatre, roehampton

The aim of the showcase is to display our class work school wide. Parents + pupils will have the opportunity to see what goes on in the classes above + below their level, as well as in other genres. There will be no costumes required and the showcase will not be professionally lit as before. 

The performance will take place at 2.30pm and will consist of two halves of approximately 30 minutes each with a 20 minute interval.

We have 51 of our 72 pupils confirmed to take part meaning the theatre will be at full capacity.

Each pupil taking part will need to pay £30.00. This will cover 2 x tickets, 2 x drinks as well as the hall hire and teacher time for rehearsals and the theatre hire on the day. We will also be providing snacks for the pupils to keep them going on the show day.

If you do not require both of your tickets please let us know and we will resell these, with any proceeds going to a charity of our choice. You will not be refunded for the tickets you do not need as this is non profit event. The price has been worked out to cover costs exactly (as far as possible) and, as with last year, you will not be able to 'purchase' drinks as no money can change hands on the premises. Therefore the drinks will be given when you show your ticket.

timings - rehearsals

SATURDAY 2nd JULY  - Kitson Hall
2 - 2.45pm - all pupils in Part 1
2.45 - 3.15pm - all pupils
3.15 - 4pm - all pupils in Part 2
(if in both parts then required for entire rehearsal)

SATURDAY 9th JULY -  Kitson Hall
2 - 2.45pm - all pupils in Part 1
2.45 - 3.15pm - all pupils
3.15 - 4pm - all pupils in Part 2
(if in both parts then required for entire rehearsal)

click here for list of which part(s) your child is in 
(if name is in italics it is because we have not yet had full confirmation from you)

timings - show day

12.30 - 1.00pm - all pupils in Part 1*
1.00 - 1.30pm - all pupils in Part 2
1.30 - 1.45pm - all pupils
1.45 - 2.30pm - hair/preparation/snack time
2.30pm - s h o w t i m e !
4.00pm - finish

*If you wish to stay on site and and then take your child for the 30 mins they are not required then please feel free to do so. Unfortunately we cannot allow you to wait in the auditorium and watch the rehearsal, but hopefully the university facilities will be open or it will be a sunny day for you to wander the grounds! If you are happy to just leave your children with us for the duration that is also fine!


Please make your £30.00 payment in cash at the front desk or via transfer to the school account, details below.

ACCOUNT NAME: Clifford Studios
SORT CODE: 40 26 12
REF: Showcase 2016