Reopening Plans - Children

We are thrilled to be reopening for shopping and enquiries from Wednesday 2nd September and for children's classes from Monday 7th September!

Of course we have had to change the way we do things at the studio so please read on to find out about the new Clifford Studios!


Here is a link to the timetable page however before jumping straight to it, please read our plans for conducting classes and why we have made certain changes to the schedule.

You may notice that certain classes are no longer on the timetable; these are some of the complimentary Limbering and BBCon classes we offer. In order to fit all the classes in, with additional time in between to clean + ventilate, we have had to sacrifice these sessions. Otherwise we would have very late nights indeed! Furthermore, a lot of these sessions were mixed and we are trying as hard as we can to keep our ‘bubbles’ as small as possible - more information on that below.

Our Performance classes on a Saturday incorporate a lot of stretching and strengthening work so we recommend enrolling in one of these if you aren’t already. We have also altered the length of our Performance classes to reflect the different numbers in each session with students moving up.

We have reduced the length of the JUMP classes to 45 minutes in order to fit everything into the timetable as well. The teachers feel the students can cope with learning all the work in this time frame, especially as, when it comes to exam term, they do 2 classes per week.

Capacity + Groups

We have worked out that we can have 6 students in person at the studio and have reconfigured the space in order to do this.

We can have up to 15 at Kitson Hall + CCC but as you know, we have always capped our classes at 12 apart from Limbering/BBCon.

For classes at the studio with more than 6 students enrolled, the class will be split into Group A and Group B. We will confirm which studio classes need to be split in this way on Friday 4th September so that we can be as accurate as possible and to take into account the possibility of altered guidelines.

If the class needs to be split on week 1 of term, Group A will take their class at the studio and Group B will take their class at the same time from home via Zoom. They will be part of the studio lesson and the teacher will interact with them as they do the students in person. On week 2, Group B will be taking part at the studio and Group A will be at home. This will be the case until we are told that social distancing rules/capacity ventilation rules are no longer required; alternating groups each week.

Guidelines state that social distancing is not required for under 5s so our HOP + SKIP classes at the studio will all take place in person, even if there are more than 6 students enrolled in them.

We will confirm who is in which group on Friday 4th September also, taking into account those of you that share lifts from school etc.


We will send out information on which bubble your child is in once we have final numbers for classes. The bubbles are likely to be quite large; for example if your child takes Grade 1 Tap + Modern, they will likely be in the JUNIOR bubble which will also encompass Grade 1 Ballet, Grade 2 Tap, Modern + Ballet and Junior Performance class. This is because some students in Grade 1 Tap also take Junior Performance class with those in Grade 2 Ballet.

We will endeavour to keep bubbles as small as possible despite this necessity.

If someone in your bubble displays symptoms we will let you know as soon as possible. The student showing symptoms will be asked to get tested and to share the results with us. We will then take the appropriate action depending on the result and the instructions from Test, Track + Trace.

If the result is positive and isolation is required we will take lessons for that bubble online. The teacher of that bubble may need to teach online too for the period so other bubbles they teach could be affected.

Class Management

We hope it is needless to say that if your child or anyone in your household is showing any symptoms or is at all unwell, that you will not bring them to class and risk the health of the other children, teachers, staff and potentially cause classes to have to stop.

Arriving for classes at the studio

We need to minimise the number of people in the studio and shop at any one time and therefore parents, carers and siblings will not be permitted inside the shop or studio unless they need to buy something. They will not be able to wait at the studio whilst the class is going on either.

We will have a roped off queueing area outside and one of our Front Desk team will open the door for students when the space is ready for them. Ideally they will come in with their shoes and any other items needed for class and a bottle of water only; leaving coats and bags with whoever has dropped them off. (For under 5s, we will help them on with their shoes once they arrive in the studio).

THERE WILL BE NO CHANGING FACILITIES AT THE STUDIO - please arrive ready to dance having changed at home/school/in the car if needs be!

Students will sanitise their hands first and then follow the one-way system and each student will be given a box labelled 1 - 6. They will put their belongings and shoes into this box in the entrance changing area and then enter the studio taking the box with them. They will make their way to a designated space which correlates with the number on their box.

They will stay in that box for the duration of the lesson as far as possible.

Arriving for classes at Kitson Hall and CCC

Again, we need to minimise the number of people at Kitson Hall + CCC at any one time and therefore parents, carers and siblings will not be permitted inside.

Apart from Saturday morning HOP, SKIP + JUMP; the students that take classes at Kitson Hall + CCC are older and can walk into class by themselves.

For H, S + J; our assistants Cleo and Bella will come out to escort the children into class.

Again we ask that coats and unnecessary items are left with whoever is dropping off.

There will be hand sanitiser in the foyer at KH and waiting area at CCC and students will enter Kitson via the double doors on the left as you are looking at the hall. At CCC there is just one entrance.

They will bring their (minimal) belongings with them and leave them at the side of their marked out space on the floor.

Please arrive ready to dance having changed at home/school/in the car if needs be - whilst students can use the bathrooms to change we do not have the time to clean these areas in between classes as well.

Once all students are in, the front doors will be pulled shut.

During Classes

We are taking all steps possible to reduce spreading the virus whilst dancing by marking out dance spaces during each session.

Students will be dancing side by side rather than face to face.

At the studio, the teacher will be in the centre of the space and will be side on to some students and face on to others who are 2m away. Once we have reconfigured the space this will be easier to visualise!

We will also keep the back door and front door of the studio open (weather permitting) during classes, and always in the 10/15 minutes between classes in order to keep as much fresh air flowing round the space.

At Kitson Hall + CCC there are several fire doors that we can have open again during the classes (weather permitting) and definitely in between.

All 3 venues benefit from high ceilings which is helpful in reducing the spread.

As teachers we have come up with several innovative ways to teach in small spaces during the past term and a half and will continue to do so for as long as needed. We won’t be holding hands or doing close partner work and will time the travelling steps around and across the room so that no students are travelling through each other’s ‘slipstream’.

For Ballet classes, students will be asked to bring a small hand towel or microfibre cloth to use at the barre. Older Ballet students are asked to bring their own therabands too.

Leaving from classes at the studio

Once classes are over, students will leave the dance space through a different exit than they entered and will remove their belongings from their box. They will then be let out by the teacher or member of Front Desk Staff.

If there is another session coming in, those students will be waiting outside until the space has been cleared. Then they will be let in as per the instructions above for ‘Arriving at Classes’.

Leaving from classes at Kitson Hall + CCC

Students will leave via the side entrance to the right as you look at Kitson Hall from the outside. They will get to this via the back door inside and will be escorted where needed. This is the same for CCC except students will leave via the fire door to the left and through the gates on the left.

If there is another session coming in, those students will be waiting outside until the space has been cleared. Then they will be let in via the double doors/door at the front as per the instructions above for ‘Arriving at Classes’.

Class Changeovers

You will see that there is 10 minutes between some classes at the studio and 15 minutes between classes at Kitson Hall/CCC.

This is to allow for ventilation and cleaning.

Not all classes have 10 or 15 minutes in between.

This is because the same students are in both classes, or there are just 1 or 2 leaving/arriving. Cleaning in between would be pointless in this scenario as the majority are remaining and therefore if they were infectious, would continue to be during the next class.

At the Studio
The member of staff on front desk will be cleaning the entrance/exit area during class so that each zone is always ready for the next set of students.

For example, at the start of an afternoon of classes, both areas will be clean. Once the first class has come in, collected their boxes and gone into the studio, the entrance area will be cleaned and a new set of boxes will be put out for the next class.Then, when the first class leaves the next class will be allowed in and the member of staff will start by cleaning the exit area that has just been vacated by the first class, including the boxes. Next they will clean the entrance area which the second class have just walked through. This cycle will continue until the end of the session(s) that day.

In the 10 minutes between classes the teacher and front desk staff will also clean the studio including any areas or props that have been touched. We hope to keep touching anything to a minimum, especially as students will be bringing cloths for their barre work and bands for their Ballet foot work. We will be mopping each dance space when students have been dancing in bare feet.

At Kitson Hall + CCC
We don’t have front desk staff at Kitson Hall or CCC hence allowing an extra 15 minutes rather than 10 between classes for cleaning, and not allowing for any changing zones.

As these venues are larger, students will come into the halls, find their dance space and change there.

This means that when the teacher is doing their cleaning of the dance space between classes, they will cover everything.

The only time spent in the foyer/waiting area will be during the sanitising of hands. It will then be at least 45 minutes until anyone else passes through the foyer and risk of spreading the infection will therefore be minimised. Furthermore, whilst students are passing through the foyer the double doors to the hall(s) will be open and the fire doors open so there will be a fresh flow of air during the 'contact' time.

We ask that you help us to reduce the spread of infection by washing your children’s dance kit between every session. If you need to double up on kit as a result then please contact the studio as we are operating an online shop at this time, reopening on Wednesday 2nd September.


We pay for the total time that we book a hall and therefore the new, extra 15 minutes between classes has to be paid for. Teachers also have to be paid for the time they are now spending cleaning.

Despite this, we are not increasing our fees this term.

However, we will not be offering the usual range of discounts and limiting this to just sibling discount.

You should have received your invoice now.

Shopping at the studio


FDS will be wearing visors whilst working.

As per the WHO advice, we are not requiring students to wear masks while dancing and as such, we think it is futile to insist they wear a mask on the short walk into the studio.

If you are coming into the studio to shop or enquire about classes however then please do wear a mask.

We have no changing facilities available at the studio and you are welcome to browse. If you want to look more closely at something please ask the FDS to find your size and show it to you.

You will then need to purchase it and take it home to try on.

If for any reason is it unsuitable, you can return it within 14 days of purchase with a valid receipt and if it is in saleable condition.

You will be asked to return it to a sealed box where it will remain for 72 hours. We will then get the item out and refund it to your card. We may need to phone you to do this if you do not have a card stored online.