Covid-19 Policies

Safety Measures

If you’re more of a visual learner, please watch the video below showing how things work at the studio.

If you like to soak up information by reading it through then please settle in!

Before leaving for class

Book your class

Please make sure you have booked your class online or over the phone.

Get changed at home

When getting ready to leave, please make sure you are dressed for class as there will be no changing facilities available.

Pack only what you need

In all classes you will need to wear trainers or grip socks and where possible, bring your own mat + small pieces of equipment. For Barre classes you will need to bring a small hand towel or microfibre cloth to put on the barre. For Yin yoga classes you will also need to bring a towel to put over your bolster and your own blanket. Please bring your filled water bottle as our dispenser will not be in use.

We are trusting that you will not come to class if you or anyone you have come into contact with is displaying symptoms.

Arriving at the studio

Arrive on time

Please arrive 5 minutes ahead of your class time and queue up on the Church Road side of the studio behind the barriers.

Entering the studio

When the studio is ready for you, the Front Desk Staff (FDS) member will open the front door fully and call the first person forward. The FDS will then move back to the desk while you enter. The first thing you will see is a touch free hand sanitising station. Once you have sanitised, the FDS will call you towards to the desk and let you know which number (1 - 6) you have been allocated for the class. At this point you can also collect some disposable gloves if you would like to wear them for class.

Collect your box

You will then be directed to pick up the labelled box with your corresponding number on it. This box contains your antibacterial spray and a clean cloth. You will remove your coat/jacket/shoes and put them in the box. You will put on your grip socks if you are not wearing trainers for the session and then will be directed into the studio to find your numbered space.

Then the next person will then be called in and the process will be repeated until everyone is ready.

In the studio

Once you have entered the studio there will be hand sanitiser on the shelf should you wish to use it again.

As per the guidelines issued by the government for ‘providers of grassroots sports and gym/leisure facilities’, we can now only have 6 clients per class for all classes. We have reconfigured the space to allow for this to happen with at least 1m (mostly more) between clients at all times.


Clients will be side by side or in a vertical line rather than face to face at any point. The teacher will be positioned side by side with 4 clients and facing 2 clients at a distance of 2m. Please see the video above to see the new space layout for each class type.

Face Masks

The World Health Organisation has discouraged the wearing of face masks for exercise on the basis that it may reduce the ability to breathe comfortably and that sweat can make the mask become wet more quickly, therefore increasing the growth of microorganisms. The advice from the WHO is to maintain a 1m distance. Here is a link to the advice.

Class Set Up

Each class is set up slightly differently e.g. using mats, at the barre AND mats or on a TRX/Springboard. Your space will be clearly labelled with the same number you were given at the Front Desk and which is printed on your box.

We are hoping that everyone will bring at least their own mat and the floor will clearly be marked as to where you should lay it out. If you don’t need your mat right away, the teacher will let you know to keep it either in your box or in your space.

Moving around once in the studio

If you do not have a mat, you will need to bring a towel to put over one of our mats. The teacher will go and get you a mat to minimise unnecessary movement around the space.

The teacher will also have put together a basket containing the equipment you will need for the class and this will be beside your number. 

We are hoping that you will bring as much of your own equipment as you have - the majority of which we sell. (Here is a list of the equipment you might need for each class that you may want to invest in.)

So, you may not need to touch the basket or any items in it. If so, the teacher will move it out of your space.

Once you are settled you are free to use your antibacterial spray on any equipment you might be using apart from the bands, yoga straps, blankets and bolsters. Rest assured we will be washing all used equipment between classes and teachers will have washed and sanitised their hands before filling your baskets.

We will also have a box of disposable gloves at the Front Desk available should you wish to wear them.

When weights are required and you need to choose the weight, the teacher will have put all the weights in the centre of the room and will call you forward one at a time to choose your kettlebell(s) or set of hand weights. 

During class we will be discouraging moving out of your space. If you need something please ask the teacher and they or the FDS will try to help.


As per the guidelines referenced above, we will have the back door open throughout the classes as well as the bathroom window open and the bathroom door open. We will also put the fans on before/in between and during classes as this is advised to increase the ventilation rate of the fresh air coming in. 

We are also having an air conditioning and heating unit installed which, in colder weather we will use to heat the space prior to classes so that having the doors open during the session won’t be so cold. The air conditioner will also be used between classes to increase the circulation of the fresh air coming in.

If having the doors and window open mean it will be unsafe for your muscles and you will be too cold, we will close them.

At the end of the class


Once the class is over, please clean any equipment of ours that you have used with your spray as well as any areas you have touched.

Do not put any small equipment you have used and then cleaned back in your basket but instead leave on the floor in your space for the teacher to collect and put away. Items that cannot be sprayed clean (bands, blankets, yoga straps)will be collected into our laundry bag for specialised cleaning.

Exiting the class

You will be asked to leave one at a time through the 'exit' in our new one way system. There will be a 3rd hand sanitisation point as you go through the exit should you wish to use it.

In the exit area you will leave your box on the bench, collect your belongings and leave.


We have increased the time between classes from 15 minutes to 30 minutes to allow for adequate ventilation, cleaning and for there to be no crossover between clients leaving one class and arriving for the next.

There are now 5 ways you can take Clifford Studios classes to cover every eventuality:


If you have to isolate for any reason you can still keep up your classes at home and if you are away you can do the same.


These will be accessed via Zoom and you will see the teacher at the studio, instructing those in the studio class. The camera will be set up so that you can only see the teacher, not the others in the class. The teacher’s focus will be those in the studio so whilst they may be able to interact with those on screen, this is not guaranteed.


These will be accessed via Zoom as they have been throughout the period of the studio's physical closure. The teacher’s focus will be you and they will be teaching from their home/another location.

On Demand

These will be accessed via Zoom and you will be sent a link within 2 hours of the STREAMED or ONLINE class ending. You will have until midnight the following day to complete the class and after this point the link will expire.

Video Library

This is hosted via MindBody to which we upload selected class recordings. These are added to each week; current count is 28 different classes.


Due to the reduced capacity for our studio classes, you can now only book classes one month ahead.

For ANNUAL PASS holders, booking will open on the 20th of the month for the month ahead. For example, on 20th September, you will be able to book classes between 1st - 31st October.

For everyone else, booking will open on the 27th of the month for the month ahead. For example on 27th September, you will be able to book classes between 1st - 31st October.


Due to the multiple ways you can now take classes, we have adjusted the NAMES of our passes accordingly.

We now sell passes according to the number of CREDITS rather than the number of CLASSES that pass gives you.

For example instead of our previous 10 CLASS PASS we now offer a 10 CREDIT PASS.

The most important thing to remember is that if you take a class in the STUDIO, 2 credits are deducted from your pass.

If you take one ONLINE, ON DEMAND or STREAMED, 1 credit is deducted.

STUDIO class = 2 credits deducted
ONLINE class (OL) = 1 credit deducted
ON DEMAND class (OD)  = 1 credit deducted
STREAMED class (ST) = 1 credit deducted

So, with this in mind here are the updated pricing options + their expiry dates.

Option 1 : Studio + Online Combined Passes

The below passes are appropriate for those that plan on doing;

- a mix of studio AND OL/OD/ST classes
- ONLY Studio classes
- ONLY 1 or 2 OL/OD/ST classes per week or on an irregular schedule

Option 2: Online Only Passes

If you plan on ONLY doing OL/OD/ST classes and do 4 or more of them per week, you may wish to look at our ONLINE ONLY pricing options. 

These are:

Option 3: Barre Only Membership

You may wish to do only Barre classes - either in the studio or OL/OD/ST and we are continuing to offer our BARRE ONLY membership with the same terms + conditions.

Video Library

To access classes via the video library, you need to make a one off payment of £30. The video library is managed by another company (Jo Hounsome Photography). They edit and upload the videos and therefore payment is made to them. You can’t use your account credit to pay for the video library. You need to do this via the PayPal link on the website or contact Jo Hounsome Photography directly on

Account Credit/Refunds from previous passes

In June, we refunded those of you that had passes with credits remaining on them. Please use this account credit to buy new passes on the new pricing system. Some of you have already done this.

Think of your account credit like a new bank card. You have to choose it at the checkout in order to use it. It won’t happen automatically.

If you can’t see how to select it as a payment method, please email the studio with what you are trying to buy and we will put it through for you. If your account credit does not cover the full amount you’ll need to a) have an up to date card on the system that we can use to pay the remaining balance and b) give us permission to charge that card for the remaining balance.

If you have children that take classes with us, remember that your credit will have been used to pay for part of their termly invoice. If you wish to keep the credit for your own classes then please pay your invoice in full and your credit will be reappear as a payment option.

Unused credit/credit left over

If you end up with 1 credit remaining on your pass and you want to book a studio class, we will either add the single credit to your new pass or you can use your 1 credit for your next OL/OD/ST session.


We are reverting back to a 24 HOUR CANCELLATION policy for STUDIO classes due to the reduced capacity we are now having to operate with.

This means:

If you cancel your studio class MORE THAN 24 hrs in advance of the start time, you keep your credits.

If you cancel your studio class LESS THAN 24 hrs in advance of the start time, you lose your credits.

If you fail to cancel at all, you LOSE YOUR credits and are charged the £5 no show fee.

For our ONLINE, ON DEMAND and STREAMED classes, we have a 60 MINUTE cancellation policy. All the same rules apply as above but with the cancellation window being 60 minutes rather than 24 hrs.

Saving your credits when you have passed the cancellation window cut off

If you find you can no longer attend a STUDIO class and you have passed the 24 hour cancellation window, we will allow you to book into another studio class that day, provided there is space. You will need to email or call the studio to arrange this.

If you cannot attend another studio class that day you will have to late cancel and lose your credits. If you do not late cancel and do not attend, this will be classed as a 'no show' and you will be charged the £5 fee AND you will lose your credits.

If you find you can no longer attend an ONLINE class and you have passed the 60 minute cancellation window, we can add you to the ON DEMAND list for that class and send you the recording. You will need to email or call the studio to let us know this is what you would like to happen.

If you find you can no longer attend a STREAMED class and you have passed the 60 minute cancellation window, we can  add you to the ON DEMAND list for that class and send you the recording. You will need to email or call the studio to let us know this is what you would like to happen.

Unlimited Credit Passes

For Annual pass holders who have unlimited credits, you are permitted 3 late cancels or no shows per month. That is 3 in total, not 3 of each. Any further late cancels or no shows will be paid for with a 1 or 2 credit pass.

For Weekly Online Unlimited pass holders, you are permitted 1 late cancel or no show per week. That is 1 in total, not 1 of each. Any further late cancels or no shows will be paid for with a 1 credit pass.

For Monthly Online Unlimited pass holders, you are permitted 3 late cancels or no shows per month. That is 3 in total, not 3 of each. Any further late cancels or no shows will be paid for with a 1 or 2 credit pass.

Shopping at the studio


FDS will be wearing visors whilst working.

As per the WHO advice, we are not requiring you to wear masks while exercising and as such, we think it is futile to insist you wear a mask on the short walk into the studio. However, if you want to wear a mask you are certainly welcome to.

If you are coming into the studio to shop or enquire about classes then please do wear a mask.

We have no changing facilities available at the studio and you are welcome to browse. If you want to look more closely at something please ask the FDS to find your size and show it to you.

You will then need to purchase it and take it home to try on.

If for any reason is it unsuitable, you can return it within 14 days of purchase with a valid receipt and if it is in saleable condition.

You will be asked to return it to a sealed box where it will remain for 72 hours. We will then get the item out and refund it to your card. We may need to phone you to do this if you do not have a card stored online.