RAD EXAMS: Autumn 2019

We are pleased to invite pupils from Pre Primary, Primary, Grade 1 and Grade 6 to take their RAD Ballet class awards/exams this term. To find out why we do exams, and how they can be beneficial; please take a moment to read my blog post written a few years ago; 'What Exams Mean to Us'.

You will have received an email stating which exam/class award we are considering your child for however, if you are unsure, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

About the Exams:

Exams will take place at the RAD HQ in Battersea.

We will apply to the RAD by 20th September and will be allocated dates between 21st October - 15th November. It is likely that your child will need time off school for the exam which is classed as an 'authorised' absence. Below is a PDF you can print out and send in to school requesting the time off once we have the dates + times from the RAD.

Pupils take their exams in groups of 2 – 4 and wear their Clifford Studios Ballet uniform.

Approximately 6 weeks after the exam session, the RAD will send the exam results through to the school. Pupils taking an exam receive either a Pass, Merit or Distinction. They are awarded marks in several criteria and the overall percentage totalled to ascertain their result. 

If they are taking a class award, they are assessed on 4 components; Technique, Music, Performance + Dance, and are marked in each as Never, Occasionally, Generally or Frequently.

The school distributes the mark sheets in a sealed envelope to each pupil. Pupils should not open these at the hall and pupils have no obligation to share their results with anyone other than their parents.

Following this, the school will receive the certificates from the RAD and at this point, parents will be invited into the class to see their children receive their certificates.

Exam Preparation:

Pupils need to ensure consistent attendance throughout the year however, in ‘exam term’ (in this case the Autumn Term), it is particularly important.

If the required number of classes are not met, we will have to withdraw your child from the exam and you will not be refunded. We would far rather a pupil did not take an exam than did so underprepared. A positive exam experience is fun and enjoyable, however a negative one can be extremely damaging to a pupil's confidence and love of dance.


Exams are a non profit-making part of the school.

Your fees include:

  • exam fee : this is fixed by the RAD.

  • practice music sent digitally

Pre - Primary CA : £47.00
Primary CA: £49.00
Grade 1 CA : £50.00
Grade 6 : £75.00

Payment should be made via BACS transfer to the school account using the details below, before 20th September 2019:

ACCOUNT NAME : Clifford Studios
SORT CODE : 40 26 12

Please fill out the below form to confirm you wish your child to be involved and that you understand the commitment required.

Name of Pupil *
Name of Pupil
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I have read and understood Clifford Studios’ arrangements with regard to the Autumn 2019 exam session. I would like my child to be involved in the following exams and understand the commitment + fees required: