RAD EXAMS: Feb/March 2019

We are pleased to invite pupils from Grade 2 to take their RAD Ballet exams and class awards this Spring. To find out why we do exams, and how they can be beneficial; please take a moment to read the blog post of a September 2016; 'What Exams Mean to Us'.

You will have received an email stating which exam/class award we are considering your child for however, if you are unsure, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

About the Exams:

Exams will take place at the RAD HQ in Battersea.

We will apply to the RAD and will be allocated dates between 26th Feb - 26th March 2019. It is likely that your child will need time off school for the exam which is classed as an 'authorised' absence. Below is a PDF you can print out and send in to school requesting the time off once we have the dates + times from the RAD.

Pupils take their exams in groups of 1 – 4 and wear their Clifford Studios Ballet uniform.

Approximately 6 weeks after the exam session, the RAD will send the exam results through to the school. Pupils taking an exam receive either a Pass, Merit or Distinction. They are awarded marks in several criteria and the overall percentage totalled to ascertain their result. 

If they are taking a class award, they are assessed on 4 components; Technique, Music, Performance + Dance, and are marked in each as Never, Occasionally, Generally or Frequently.

The school distributes the mark sheets in a sealed envelope to each pupil. Pupils should not open these at the hall and pupils have no obligation to share their results with anyone other than their parents.

Following this, the school will receive the certificates from the RAD and at this point, parents will be invited into the class to see their children receive their certificates.

Exam Preparation:

Pupils need to ensure consistent attendance throughout the year however, in ‘exam term’ (in this case the Spring Term), it is particularly important.

In addition to the once a week classes, pupils taking exams are offered the chance to take part in additional coaching sessions.

For the most recent exam sessions at the school, we tired a different approach to coaching and now give the responsibility of organisation over to you! 

With an average of 36 lessons over an academic year, students should not technically require any extra coaching. However illness, traffic and other activities prevent even the most committed of students from attending every single session. Therefore the 3 coaching sessions we provide/advise are invaluable. Not only are they an opportunity to be taught in a smaller group, but we are also able to focus more on individual correction. (Most other schools insist on 6 compulsory coaching sessions).

We spend a lot of hours timetabling and sorting the sessions around various events you have on. We spend time planning the sessions to focus on what each student needs. We give up weekend time that we would normally not be teaching. We try and keep the costs down as much as possible as we are aware that taking an exam is an expensive process. We do all this because we want your children to achieve the highest marks they are capable of and enjoy their experience.

You can understand that when students then do not attend the sessions it is then extremely frustrating. Not only for teachers, but also the other students that do attend, and have to then repeat the work in class or at the next coaching session. 

So, now it's up to you!

In the email you received directing you to this page, you will have been given the following information:

  1. The exam fee (set by the RAD) and a closing date for payment (13th January). If not received, your child will have to wait for the next session and/or won't take the exam. We will not be chasing you for payments when it gets close to the deadline. We will remind in the weekly email as we do currently.

  2. The proposed date of the exam - this will be confirmed after the above closing date when the RAD give us the information.

Once we know exactly who is taking the exams we will then provide the following further information:

  1. The names of the other students in your child's group and their parents/carers contact details.*

  2. The times the teacher is available for coaching.

  3. The cost of a coaching session (which you can then book for just your child, or share with others in your child's exam group)
    *By making payment of your exam fee you will be granting us permission to share this information. If you object you will need to let us know in writing.

You will then contact us to book your sessions; stating who each session is for and who will be attending. We will confirm this provisionally via email. The slot will then be held for 24 hours. Once payment is made we will confirm it 100%.

We recommend at least 3 sessions for your child. If you do not book into any sessions and we feel your child is not adequately prepared for the exam, we will withdraw them. You will not receive a refund for the exam fee. We would far rather a pupil did not take an exam than did so underprepared. A positive exam experience is fun and enjoyable, however a negative one can be extremely damaging to a pupil's confidence and love of dance.

Below is the cost of coaching sessions at the studio. These are the total costs and can be split between 1, 2, 3 or 4 pupils.

  • 30 minute session : £25.50

  • 45 minute session : £38.25

  • 60 minute session : £51.00

Dates will be put forward ASAP once agreed with the teacher.