Pricing Structure

*** Our pricing structure is changing as of 1st April 2019, the following remains until 31st March 2019. ***

Our classes are categorized as either Studio or Premium and sold by their duration. If you want to do a combination of both types of class, you can buy a Combined pass.


These classes have a higher capacity and do not require specialist equipment;

  • Barre

  • Pilates : Mat + HIP

  • Adult Ballet + Tap

  • Yoga : Vinyasa Flow + Yin

  • Sweat + Stretch

  • Sweat + Strength

  • Sweat + Swing

  • Run + Yoga

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These classes have a smaller capacity and/or require specialist equipment;

  • TRX

  • Pilates : Springboard


Each 15 minute block is the equivalent to 1 credit. For example a 45 minute class will take 3 credits from your pass.

In the event of you having 15/30 minutes remaining on your pass when you want to book into a 45/60 minute class, please email and we will make the necessary adjustments.

Price list 2018.png

In addition to the above, we also offer memberships; these are great value for those adults with children also dancing with us.

Please visit the timetable page to select the first class you would like to book into and you will be taken through the registration + payment process.

Please make sure you are aware of our cancellation policies before booking.


Following our first year of operation, we have assessed the current pricing system and have decided to make some changes. We hope the new system will be simpler and easier for you to understand and manage. As of 1st April 2019, the following will be put in place;

1 credit will equal 1 class, rather than 15 minutes of class time. 45 and 60 min classes will be the same price. There will be no distinction between ‘Studio’ and ‘Premium’ classes. You will be able to use any pass at any class on the timetable.

There will be just 5 pass options:

  • Single class pass
    (1 credit, 1 month expiry, £23.00)

  • 5 class pass
    (5 credits, 2 month expiry, £105/£21.00 per class)

  • 10 class pass
    (10 credits, 4 month expiry, £185/£18.50 per class)

  • 15 class pass
    (15 credits, 6 month expiry, £250/£16.66 per class)

  • Monthly membership
    (12 credits per month, £180/£15 per class, 4 month min. membership)


If on 31st March you have 3 or more credits on your current pass, we will alter it to reflect the new credit system.

For example if you have 10 credits left, on the current system this means you can do 1 x 60 min class (4 credits) and 2 x 45 min classes (3 credits each). On 31st March we would therefore alter the number of credits available from 10 to 3, so that you can still do 3 classes on the new system.

10 + 15 hour passes will only be available to buy until 15th March. 5 hour passes + the March Madness pass, as well as single passes, will be available up until 31st March.

If you have a STUDIO or PREMIUM pass, you will be able to use remaining credits at ANY class after 1st April 2019.

Then, the next pass you buy, you will move over to the new system.