Notice Period: 
6 lessons notice is required should you wish to withdraw your child from classes.

This is because:
1) We have contractual obligations to fulfil with regards to hall hire + staff.
2) To ensure that you/your child is sure of their decision.  Often, when a child states they do not wish to continue classes that they were previously enjoying, it is for a reason they are not able to articulate right away, or it is based on a misunderstanding. As teachers we can often get to the bottom of why they are saying they wish to leave - perhaps due to an incident in class they have misconstrued or believing they HAVE to take exams/do a show. Of course dance should be an enjoyable hobby and we do not want to teach any child who does not wish to be there. However, we have found this policy to be successful in our experience with both pupils and parents being grateful in the long term.