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Jo Higlett - Studio Founder

Jo began dancing aged 2; a love of creativity and performance was instantly sparked, followed swiftly by a fascination with the human body and all it is capable of. 

After years of training, dancing and teaching; she discovered Pilates in 2007. Starting out as a reformer teacher, she was inspired to deepen her understanding of the method and began a mat work qualification with Body Control Pilates.  Adding this to her dance teaching, she founded Clifford Studios in 2012. 

Jo is committed to constantly updating her knowledge by attending a variety of classes and courses, including small equipment, HIP™ Pilates and most recently Springboard Pilates. She finds Pilates exercises invaluable to her dance teaching and was delighted to discover Barre in 2015. This low impact but high intensity class combines both her passions (dance + Pilates), and, after a long break due to injury, allowed her to start running again.

In 2017 Jo was thrilled to be asked to join The LB Pilates Academy for Teachers as Principle Teacher Trainer for HIP™ Pilates. 

She has also completed two marathons and loves to practice yoga and HIIT training to complement her teaching. She tries to visit NYC at least once a year to try new exercise classes and is vegan.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Level 3 Body Control Mat Work | Equipment: Small Ball , Toning Circle, Spikey Balls + Foam Roller | Pregnancy 1+ 2 | Further Matwork | Pilates for Performance| Pilates for Dancers | HIP™ Pilates (High Intensity Power) | Springboard Pilates (Ellie Herman Pilates) | BarreConcept Teacher Training (REP accredited) | Springboard 1 (LB Pilates Academy for Teachers) |

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Ellis Fitzherbert
Adult Tap + Barre

Ellis began dance training aged 3, studying Ballet, Tap, Modern + Jazz . She has appeared in numerous professional productions including the UK tour of Evita, Spiller’s Pantomimes (Junior and Senior dancer), Paper Moon Company (Music Hall at Leicester Square Theatre and Trafalgar Square), Kingston International Youth Arts Festival and the 100th anniversary gala performance of Wimbledon Theatre.

Ellis has been an assistant dance teacher since the age of 15, embarking on her official qualifications in 2014. She has now achieved her ISTD Diploma in Dance Education in both Modern and Tap; the latter being her passion.

Missing the discipline of Ballet, in 2017 Ellis added Barre teaching to her repertoire and loves combining adult classes with her timetable of children's classes. She especially loves teaching both parents and children tap so they can practise at home together!

QUALIFICATIONS: ISTD Diploma in Dance Education (Modern + Tap) | BarreConcept Teacher Training (REP accredited) |

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Tom Piggott
TRX + Sweat + Strength

Tom has always been a keen sportsperson; winning a scholarship to his secondary school based on his football and hockey skills.

A back injury and his career choice of graphic design meant exercise was no longer a priority until he discovered Pilates in 2011.

This reignited his passion for movement and, in the ensuing years, he has completed the first of the Spartan Trifecta races, several 10k's and a half marathon.

In 2016 he discovered TRX and, enjoying it so much; decided to qualify as teacher in 2017.

Tom's goal is to improve his flexibility and he is passionate about cooking; becoming vegan in 2016.

QUALIFICATIONS : Level 2 Fitness Instructing (YMCA Fit) | Specialism : Suspension Training |

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Marcia Middleton

Marcia is a health and fitness enthusiast and has always been very active and sporty. After sustaining a back injury she started practicing Pilates 15 years ago. Hugely impressed with her recovery she decided to train as a teacher and help others to move better and feel stronger.

Marcia is passionate and knowledgeable with an uplifting energy that empowers and motivates, inspiring clients to look after their bodies through correct movement. She originally trained with Alan Herdman; qualifying in classical and remedial Pilates. She then went on to further her training with Body Control Pilates where she has attended numerous courses and gained her Master Teacher qualification in 2014.

She continues her Pilates education with the Lisa B Academy where she attends workshops and retreats and has trained in HIP Pilates (High Intensity Power) and Springboard.

Marcia has run her own private studio for 10 years specialising in reformer classes and is now delighted to be joining Clifford Studios as a mat work and Springboard teacher.

QUALIFICATIONS : Master Teacher (Body Control Pilates)|Advanced Matwork |Advanced Reformer|Cadillac| Chair| Pre/Post Pregnancy|Back Rehabilitation|Pilates Equipment: Small Ball, Toning Circle, Foam Roller |HIP Pilates |Springboard| Barrework | REP accredited |BCPA accredited |Alan Herdman Accredited | Springboard 1 (LB Pilates Academy for Teachers) |

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Cat Kuhl

Cat took her first yoga class one hot afternoon as a teenager after school in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia almost 20 years ago. Yoga came and went, but in one way or another has stuck with her ever since . In the end it has become a huge part of her life, helping her to ground, become calmer, stronger, and more balanced in body and mind.

In 2016, she completed her 500hr YA US certified Teacher Training under Stewart Gilchrist, whom she also did her 200hr YA US certified training in 2012.

She teaches dynamic Power Vinyasa and Slow Flow (a class that brings together a strong vinyasa flow and more restorative and yin style poses), incorporating variations to engage all levels of practitioners, always focussing on the breath whilst bringing attention to going beyond just the physical yoga asana practice – the part we often get caught up in!


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Rachel Turford

Rachel is a British-born, Sydney-trained Pilates instructor who fell for Pilates 10 years ago. She spent most of her teenage years in a leotard doing gymnastics and ballet. It was these passions that made her appreciate the human body when it is strong and supportive enough to allow you to move, dance, play sport and simply walk effortlessly and elegantly.

Work in the corporate world of advertising in London introduced her to the regular ailments of office life; lower back pain, stiff neck and shoulders, poor posture and lack of body strength. After 5 years in London practicing Pilates for her own personal benefit, the desire to learn more, combined with a move to Australia, prompted her to qualify.

Rachel's classes are fast flowing and challenging. She takes particular care at the beginning of each session to ensure that clients are reminded of the fundamentals of Pilates so that they get the most out of each class.

QUALIFICATIONS : Fundamentals & Matwork (Elixr School of Pilates) | Advanced Reformer (Stott) | Ante/Post Natal (Elixr School of Pilates) | Fitness Institute Australia Cert III Fitness | Props (Elixr School of Pilates) | REP Accredited | Springboard 1 (LB Pilates Academy for Teachers) |

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Fatema Ali
TRX + Sweat + Swing

Fatema has always loved fitness and sport. At university she started a running club, continuing to run for several years. She has also achieved a green belt in kick boxing; travelling to Thailand to improve her technique.

She discovered weight training in her 30's and has never looked back, taking a short break to become a full time mum. Her achievements to date have been to deadlift 112kg and squat 75kg!

She loves the feeling of being strong; both mentally and spiritually and has changed careers from pharmacy to fitness training in order to encourage and inspire others similarly.

In class she empowers clients with an "I can" and "I will" attitude and is excited about creating a community of powerful like-minded people who lift each other up.

QUALIFICATIONS : Level 2 + 3 PT | CIMSPA Registered (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity) |

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Jenni Cunniffe
Yoga + Running

A keen marathon runner and cyclist; Jenni is passionate about using yoga to enhance sports performance - be it training for a race or getting the most out of your weekly jogs. She currently mixes teaching at traditional studios with leading groups at the local running and rowing clubs as well as primary and secondary schools.

Jenni discovered yoga 5 years ago when working full time as a clothing designer and training for long distance running events in her spare time. She then completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course at The House of Yoga in 2015, fuelled by a desire to share her enthusiasm and the benefits she was feeling from her practice with others. Not only did yoga help her improve her strength and flexibility, but she loved the philosophical and spiritual approach to the asana practice. Her aim in teaching yoga is to create a safe space for all students. A place where they are encouraged to be themselves, letting go of personal judgment or comparison with others. Jenni is also proud to be an England Athletics Coach.

QUALIFICATIONS: 200 hr RYT | EA Coach | PT | Enhanced DBS |

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Street Fit

Combining traditional techniques and cutting edge styles, AJ has made a massive impact on the international dance scene including Poland, Finland, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Ireland.

After successfully completing her MA in choreography in Poland, she moved to the UK to pursue her love of dance. Her focus as a teacher is on building confidence and self-esteem, supporting physical and mental health and ensuring an inclusive atmosphere.

Over the last decade AJ has inspired hundreds of dancers, both young and old, and encouraged them on their dance path. Not only has she choreographed multiple Hip-Hop theatre productions she has also worked with acclaimed dance names worldwide which led her to being invited on as a guest assistant choreographer on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Poland.

After a successful stint in Finland with DanceTeam International, AJ became Head of DanceTeam UK, where she gets to share her creativity and continues to inspire young generations. AJ teaches Contemporary as well as Street to our dance students.

QUALIFICATIONS : MA Choreography | Enhanced DBS |

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Lisa Mac
Barre + Barre Burn

After 3 years training at The Urdang Academy of Ballet and Performing Arts, Lisa worked as a professional dancer for over 15 years. After a great deal of travelling she based herself in London; working on the commercial dance scene. She then went into choreography and taught Street dance.

In 2014 she was introduced to Barre and loved it so much that she trained to be an instructor. It seemed like the best way for her to maintain a strong, long and lean body as well as incorporate some of her dance training. She has worked with many clients during the past couple of years and it's always great to see how Barre can really change their bodies; proving that these exercises really do work!


Alex Grimshaw
Barre + Yoga

Alex started dancing before she could walk. Her fascination with the arts became her career as an adult and she went on to perform in numerous musicals and other theatrical productions.

After being out of the theatre industry for a year Alex, needing something new to sink her teeth into, found the fitness industry.

She now specialises in teaching Yoga and Barre as well as anything else that uses dance based techniques. She is also the proud owner of the Ealing Pole Studio where she teaches Pole Fitness to a huge variety of clients.

She is excited to share her passion and energy with you.

QUALIFICATIONS: BA(HONS) Theatre | RAD Ballet Advanced 1| ISTD Tap Advanced 2 | Level 2 ETM | 200 hr RYT | Enhanced DBS |


Katy Dent

Having practised yoga for many years, Katy decided to become a teacher in order to pass on the many wonderful benefits to others. She trained extensively with the British Wheel of Yoga, qualifying in 2008 and also completed her Pregnancy Yoga teacher training with respected teacher Uma Dinsmore-Tulli in 2010.

In recent years she has become increasingly aware of how important it is to move with ease in order to create space as well as strength in your body and mind. This sense of ease and lightness is encouraged in her Vinyasa Flow classes.

She recently completed the Strala Intensive training with Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor and is currently taking the Strala 100 hour training module to further her understanding of this beautiful approach.


Natasha Hopkins

Natasha danced for over 24 years; performing within the entertainment industry at various locations including Sadler’s Wells, Madame Tussaud's and London and Disneyland Paris, where she was cast as Princess Cinderella (but she'd still choose pointe shoes over glass slippers any day!) She will always love being barefoot in a studio and ready to create.

Pilates helped to strengthen her body, improve her performance and prevent injury. She became an instructor to share the amazing life-long impacts Pilates can have on the mind and body.

Tash aims to create a welcoming environment where students can have fun and challenge themselves. They will leave feeling agile, strong and empowered.


Hannah Gilbert

After performing as a professional dancer for a number of years Hannah decided to explore her other love - health and fitness.

She now teaches barre classes across South West London as well as training private clients.

As a PT, she specialises in women's health and helps many women feel and stay strong during and after pregnancy.