From Preparation to Results

Parents will be informed at least 6 weeks in advance by the class teacher if their child is judged to be ready for an exam. This is entirely at the discretion of the teacher. They will receive a detailed email, outlining times, dates + fees. (Please note that exams are a nonprofit making part of the school).
Pupils need to ensure consistent attendance throughout the year however, in ʻexam termʼ it is particularly important. In addition to the once a week classes, pupils taking exams will be required to take part in additional coaching sessions and mock exams. Any pupil who fails to attain the exam standard through lack of attendance, or any other reason, will be withdrawn from the exam at the discretion of the teacher.
As pupils take their exams in small groups, they need to rehearse doing so. This includes where to stand, which order to dance in and in general familiarise themselves with dancing some exercises solo.
Approximately 6 weeks after an exam session takes place (held either at the school or at the ISTD/RAD headquarters), exam results are sent through to the Principal. Pupils receive either a Pass, Merit or Distinction.
They are awarded marks in several criteria and the overall percentage totalled to ascertain their result. The school then distributes the mark sheets in a sealed envelope to each pupil. Pupils do not open these at the hall and pupils have no obligation to share their results with anyone other than their parents.Following this, the school receives the certificates from the ISTD/RAD and at this point, parents are invited into the class to see their children receive their certificates.