Fees are paid termly in advance. Our terms are guided by Richmond borough state school dates. (If you join part way through a term, your fees are pro-rata'd accordingly). We offer a free trial class for first time pupils.

All classes are led by highly qualified teachers who are experts in their chosen genre. They are experienced educators who, as members of their associated body - ISTD or RAD - are required to keep their skills + knowledge up to date via continuing professional development seminars + workshops. The importance of qualified teachers cannot be underestimated, especially where young bodies + minds are concerned.

At the end of the current term, you will receive an invoice for the next term. We will have calculated the best value options for you however if you feel something is incorrect, please reply to the invoice email.

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30 min classes : £8.00 per class
£88.00 | £96.00 | £104.00 per 11 - 13 week term

45 min classes: £12.00 per class
£132.00 | £144.00| £156.00 per 11 - 13 week term

60 min classes: £15.00 per class
£165.00 | £180.00 | £195.00 per  11 - 13 week term

75 min classes: £18.00 per class
£198.00 | £216.00 | £234.00 per 11 - 13 week term

Please note: once enrolled, a 6 lesson notice period is required if you are stopping classes.

Complimentary classes

Once pupils reach Grade 2 level in Ballet + Modern, they are encouraged to take part in a complimentary Limbering or BBCon class. These 15 minute sessions focus on strength and flexibility and aid their syllabus work. These elements, while worked on in regular classes, are not covered sufficiently for maximum benefit. Our Performance classes also include 30 minutes of strength and flexibility work.


Any TWO of the below discounts can be applied to your termly invoice. We work out the combination that will give you the best value however if you feel something is incorrect on your invoice please get in touch!

Early Payment : 5% off

Applicable to those paying before the first day of term. 

Sibling : 10% off

Applicable to those with more than one child taking classes at the school. Choose the 'sibling price' when adding each class to your cart.

Multi - class : up to 25% off

Applicable to those taking adult classes with Clifford Studios. The discount is capped at 25% regardless of how many classes your children are taking. Buying a 10 class or more pass for adult classes also counts as one class type*. From here, you can layer on Ballet (1 class type), Tap (1 class type) etc. 

CODE : MULTI2 (5%)
CODE: MULTI3 (10%)
CODE : MULTI4 (15%)
CODE : MULTI5 (20%)
CODE : MULTI6 (25%)

*If you have a valid 10 or 15 class pass when we are creating the invoices we will count this. If you do not, when you buy your next 10 or 15 class pass you can add the extra discount.

Introduce A Friend : 15% off

Applicable to those who introduce someone else to the school who then signs up for a term of classes. To receive this discount you need to make payment over the phone/obtain verification via email.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Our booking system will only allow you to apply ONE discount code. This is fine if you are choosing the sibling price and then applying a further code. However if you want to combine two OTHER codes, please contact us; info@cliffordstudios.co.uk

Late Payment

If fees have not been received, a late payment fee of £10 per week will automatically be added to your account following the first week of term.