Pilates at Home : core strength + abdominals

So, nearly TWO years ago, we filmed these short videos as an accompaniment to our mat Pilates classes. And finally I think we've found the best way of getting them to you! The idea is that in between your weekly sessions, these videos will jog your memory as to exercises done in class, so that you can do a few at home from time to time. Hopefully you'll be able to hear my voice reminding you to 'keep ribs heavy but not held' or to 'leave the spine undisturbed'. These are not intended as a substitute for classes in any way, but as a tool for those that attend to keep improving their technique and getting stronger. Pilates is a habit after all!

So, this week the focus of the videos is the CORE. All Pilates exercises teach us to move from this area however these have a particular focus on the upper + lower abdominals. The videos contain written instructions as to number of reps at the start. 

If you'd like to come along and try a 60 minute mat Pilates class with us do book in - your first class is always free!


Source: cliffordstudios.co.uk/news