Final Sunday Series - 7 Feb

This week will be the last chance for you to try DDMix and Vinyasa Flow Yoga for just £7.50. After that we'll be putting our heads together to fit the classes into the timetable where YOU want them, at full price.


So, here's a little more info about the sessions available this weekend. All classes take place at Kitson Hall:

DDMix, 11.00 - 11.45am

Diverse Dance Mix is a new full body aerobic workout based on a range of different dance styles with easy to follow steps. Created by Darcey Bussell and Nathan Clarke, it is fun, entertaining and stimulates the body and mind.

The aim of DDMIX is to get people moving without being intimidated by the word 'dance' or the technicality of the steps, but instead to give a full body workout that is such fun that you don't even notice that you are exercising. With the vast number of dance styles around the world to choose from, no one will ever get bored!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga, 12.00 - 1.00pm:

Vinyasa is a dynamic and flowing practice, focussed on linking breath with movement, balance, core strength and flexibility. This allows you to feel healthier and stronger as well as explore your own potential and take on new challenges in a positive way.

Time on the mat aims to be nurturing, fun and uplifting. The class is open to all abilities; whether it's your first experience of yoga, you want to take your practice deeper or just find time unwind.