Because taking part in performances is as crucial to pupils’ development as working towards exams, CSD endeavours to involve pupils in as many shows as possible. Along with the excitement of dancing for an audience, the students experience the joy of shared achievement and the commitment required to successfully work as a team.

Performances range from dancing for their parents at the end of every term to events + productions planned by local organisations, such as the Barnes Fair.

Bi-annual school shows, The All England Dance Competition  and ISTD and RAD organised competitions and events are planned for the future.

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Pupils from each class that are judged to be ready (usually after 3 – 4 terms of study) take exams in the ISTD + RAD syllabi. They start with ISTD Primary Tap + Modern (aged 6+) and RAD Primary in Dance (aged 7+).

Taking an exam is the culmination of all work put in by the pupils throughout their classes. The exam is an opportunity to showcase what they have learned and have an external dance specialist reward their efforts.

Through taking exams, pupils learn the value of hard work and understand the concept of working towards a goal; essential life lessons regardless of whether pupils intend to make dance their career. Exams also give a purpose and meaning to their dance classes; the sense of achievement upon receiving their certificate further inspiring them for the future.

ISTD + RAD exams are recognised by the National Qualifications Framework and, as such, from Grade 6 level, pupils accrue UCAS points with their exam results. Exam results are also recognised Duke of Edinburgh Award goals. 

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