Showcase -
Saturday 7th July 2018

Michaelis Theatre, Roehampton University, Roehampton Lane, SW15 5PU

Every other year we put on a show that is professionally lit and costumed with original choreography. On the 'off' year we put on a showcase to display class work which is the 2018 plan! It's like a school wide watching day and pupils wear their class uniform.

As the school now has over 150 pupils, we are splitting the showcase in two with one session for the Beginners and the other for Juniors up. However, depending on numbers able to take part, we may change how the performances are split. 

There are 127 seats in the theatre so need to make sure the numbers allow for parents to watch eg no more than 63 pupils in each show!


4.30 - 5.15pm
Beginners : HOP, SKIP, JUMP, Pre Primary Ballet, Primary Ballet, Grade 1 Modern, Grade 1 Tap + Junior Street

6.30 - 7.45pm
Juniors up: Everyone else! *

*Certain pupils may be in both shows.


We are not planning any extra rehearsals for the showcase but will ask the Beginners to arrive at 3.30pm to get them settled and familiarise themselves with the space. (Some of the very young ones we will call at 4.00pm)

The Juniors we will ask to arrive at 5.45pm with the hope that the Beginners will have cleared by then!

At the end of the Junior showcase we will be giving out our annual prizes and thanking the teachers for their work this year.

We will allocate 2 seats per child and then, if we have spares, will resell on a first come first served basis.

To cover the theatre hire and teacher time, it will be £15.00 per child to take part. This will include a drink.

If you would like your child to take part, please fill out the form. If we have not received your form by 16th May we will assume you are not taking part. Whilst it will not be choreographed we will prepare the students in classes and put them in particular places/patterns so it's crucial to be sure you are committed.

Child's Name *
Child's Name
I would like my child to take part in the 7th July showcase and understand the cost and commitment involved. *
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