Pricing Structure

Our classes are categorized as either Studio or Premium and sold by their duration. 


These classes have a higher capacity and do not require specialist equipment;

  • Barre
  • Pilates : mat + HIP™
  • DDMix
  • Adult Ballet + Tap
  • Yoga : Vinyasa Flow + Yin


These classes have a smaller capacity and/or require specialist equipment;

  • TRX*
  • Pilates : Springboard* + ante/postnatal*
  • Yoga : postnatal*

*These classes will be starting from January 2018. Antenatal Pilates is available now.


Each 15 minute block is the equivalent to 1 credit. For example a 45 minute class will take 3 credits from your pass.

In the event of you having 15/30 minutes remaining on your pass when you want to book into a 45/60 minute class, please email and we will make the necessary adjustments.

In addition to the below, we also offer memberships; these are great value for those adults with children also dancing with us.

£5 Fridays at the Bar(re)

A cheaper and healthier alternative to a traditional Friday night - £5 Barre classes at 7pm! 

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Please visit the timetable page to select the first class you would like to book into and you will be taken through the registration + payment process.