3 days to go!

So I've been USELESS at updating on here but with the show and constant pleas on social media and in the weekly newsletters I had to let one ball drop!

So with 3 days to go we are 75% funded. But, with crowdfunding it's ALL or NOTHING. I really hope it's not the latter as so many of you have donated so much and been so supportive.

I decided to allow myself to be interviewed this afternoon after classes in a bid to get the last 25%.

Check Facebook and/ore Instagram for a few videographic insights that may incite(!) you to pledge!


173-175 Church Road - our new home!

We are very excited to announce that, through competitive tender, we have secured the space on Church Road formerly occupied by Castelnau Tiles.

We are hoping to open our new home in September 2017 but first need to raise the deposit.

By offering rewards such as hand-printed tote bags + activewear and exclusive pre-launch private lessons on our new equipment, we hope you will pledge a donation. For our current dance students; a professional photo shoot in the studio wearing their 2017 production costumes is available, along with discounted membership options. Pledges from £10 - £1000 can be made via the crowdfunding site.

We'll be keeping you updated on progress here and hope to have some good news soon. To whet your appetite in the meantime - below is the sample timetable we hope to be able to offer at the new space. (We will be keeping Kitson Hall on for Grade 3+ dance classes)