How to: Book - 10 day trial pass for £10

Create an account and select any class you wish to try.  When prompted, make a single reservation and scroll down to find the ‘10 day trial pass’ option. 

Once you've paid, you can go back to the schedule and book in for as many classes as you like within the 10 day period. Just remember to cancel if you can't make it, or you will be charged the full drop in rate for that class.

The 10 day period starts when you first attend a class.

It should be very straightforward however if you have any problems, please call or email us:  07739 006 506|

How to: Pay Online - Adult Classes

First, create your account and/or log in. Once you're in, click on the 'Online Store' tab and choose 'Series and Memberships'. Here, you'll find a drop-down menu of all the pricing options.

We sell passes in blocks of time rather than by class so you can buy single sessions ( 30, 45 or 60 minute passes) or bulk buy in 3, 6, 10 and 15 hour passes.

IMPORTANT : Please note the expiry date of your purchase and ensure you use your classes up in time. If you have booked a pass of 3 hours or more, be sure to cancel out 24 hrs in advance to keep your credits. If you cancel less than 24 hrs in advance you will lose the credits. If you do not cancel out and do not turn up, you will be charged the full drop in rate for that class.

Next, you'll be taken to your 'Shopping Cart'.

Enter any relevant promotional codes in the box provided and head to the 'Check Out' to make payment.

You'll receive a confirmation email once you're order has been completed. Now you're ready to book into classes.

How to: Book - Adult Classes

Now that you have purchased your pass, you need to book yourself into a class/classes. (Please note: If you are not booked in and arrive at a class, your place is not guaranteed).

Click on the 'Classes' tab at the top of the screen and the class schedule will appear. Click through to the first class you would like to attend and click 'Sign Up Now'.

You can make single reservations or block book as you wish. The pass you have purchased comes with an expiry date and you can book in and out of classes up to this date. You can cancel classes and rebook if something comes up, however, if you cancel less than 24 hours before a class is due to take place, you will lose that class. If you fail to cancel you will be charged the full drop in rate for that class. Further details are outlined in the Terms and Conditions.