Children's Dance Classes

Developing strength and flexibility is at the core of Clifford Studios' dance classes in Barnes, South West London.

Starting from pre-school age, we make our dance classes captivating and interesting; through shows, exams and the unique approach and attitude of our teachers. As a result, our pupils learn not only pirouettes and high kicks but also the value of commitment, hard work and discipline.

We chose Clifford Studios because it’s fun and friendly as well as the variety of Tap, Modern and Ballet: I didn’t want just a Ballet class. Ameera’s balance, co-ordination and dance technique have improved in the 2 years she’s been at Clifford Studios.
— Fatema + Ameera (SKIP)

Adult Dance + Fitness Classes

Clifford Studios runs a range of adult fitness classes in Barnes, South West London. We offer flexible packages to suit your schedule, available to book online. Our current timetable includes:

  • Pilates classes : (mat, ante/post natal + HIP Power Pilates)
  • Dance classes : (adult tap + DDMix - diverse dance mix)
  • Barre classes
I really look forward going to BarreConcept every week – as well as being ‘time for me’, it is doing a wonderful job in toning me up, especially my legs! I am always completely worn out by the end, but it is worth it. It’s a really fun, challenging class.
— Georgie (BarreConcept)