DDMix - All Ages

Diverse Dance Mix is a full body workout designed by Darcey Bussell + Nathan Clarke. Darcey originally intended to create something for children in primary and secondary education, as an alternative to traditional sports taught in PE lessons. This explains why, when our Ballet teacher Miss Lucy has taught small snippets of DDMix in BBCon lessons with the students, they have loved it! 

Lucy was one of the first group of teachers to gain the qualification to teach DDMix and started doing so at Clifford Studios in January 2016.


The aim of DDMIX is to get people moving without being intimidated by the word 'dance' or the technicality of the steps. Each class consists of a warm up, followed by 7 - 9 different dance styles, ending with a cool down.

Dance styles include: Arabic, Japanese, Greek, Line Dance, Flamenco, Samba, Chinese, 1980s, Waltz, Hand Jive, Charleston, African, 1960s, Tango, Irish, Disco, Salsa, Bollywood, Scottish + many more!

Since we launched the class in January 2016, there have been several occasions when, due to childcare, some parents and children have taken the class together. These parents + children had such a good time that they asked us if we could think about putting on a specific class for them ; so we have!

DDMix is totally different from any of the Ballet, Tap, Modern or Performance classes we teach. The pressure is totally off and they can learn a dance in 2 mins and forget about technique or remembering it for an exam. 

We offer a free trial class so please do come along with your children and give it a go!

Wednesdays - 7.15 - 8.00pm
 Kitson Hall



  • Each person attending needs to be booked in - so you need to book a place for yourself AND for your child.
    (If you are having problems booking a free trial, this is because the system does not consider you a 'new' client as you have been attending other types of classes. Please email adultclasses@cliffordstudios.co.uk and we will book for you.)
  • Following your free trial class, pricing will work as follows:

Parent AND Child attending : 1 x full price, 1 x half price
Child attending : 1 x full price
Parent attending : 1 x full price

  • Prices are:

1 class = £15.00/£7.50
4 classes = £52.00/£26.00
8 classes = £88.00/£44.00