Tiny Dancers

Tiny Dancers

HOP (2-4 yrs): This class introduces pre-school children to dance using music, props and stories. The emphasis is on moving and capturing the imagination. Each exercise builds essential motor skills, co-ordination and rhythm. Children work in groups to discover their first Tap, Modern and Ballet steps. This nurtures their social and emotional development. Pupils can also study Ballet, Street + Yoga in separate classes from age 3. Please see below for further information.

SKIP (4-6 yrs): Children are now able to remember the names of the steps they learn and begin putting them into short sequences. Following the Pre-Primary ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance) syllabus in Tap and Modern provides an appreciation of the contrasting styles and accompanying music, for example; rhythmic tap and jazzy modern. Pupils now study Ballet separately in a dedicated class - See Pre-Primary Ballet below. We also offer Street + Yoga classes for pupils of this age.

JUMP (6 yrs+): Having learnt to ‘Hop’ and ‘Skip’, pupils now jump into dance with longer sequences demonstrating more precise technique. Improvisation is encouraged, drawn from the range of steps they have developed in their classes so far, and there is an option of taking a class exam (where the teacher is present) in the Primary ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance) Tap and Modern syllabi they have learned. Pupils continue to study Ballet separately in a dedicated class. - see Primary Ballet below. We also offer Street + Yoga classes for pupils of this age.

Tap + Modern

GRADES 1 - 6 (7 yrs+): Pupils continue to follow the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance) syllabus and are now given the opportunity to take graded examinations in each discipline. The process of learning, memorising and performing choreographed sequences and dances increases self-confidence as well as strength and flexibility. If taken to Grade 6 and above, the marks attained also count towards UCAS entrance points as they are recognised by Ofqual - the Office for Qualifications and Examinations Regulation.

LIMBERING (Grade 1+): A free of charge class that is compulsory for anyone wishing to take Modern exams from Grade 1 up. The class is designed to increase strength + flexibility which cannot be covered within the syllabus Modern classes themselves. (If you attend Junior Performance class this class is not compulsory)





PRE PRIMARY FOUNDATION (3 yrs): A dedicated Ballet class for our tiny dancers, preparing them for their first exam class aged 4.

PRE-PRIMARY (4-6 yrs): This is one of the introductory levels of the RAD’s (Royal Academy of Dance) graded examination syllabus. The class develops physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression, and musicality using a range of sounds and musical styles. This foundation prepares students for the transition to ballet and other dance genres at higher levels.

PRIMARY (6 yrs+): This syllabus has been carefully structured by the RAD  to develop artistic + musical awareness as well as careful placing of the body + self-discipline. Early ballet classes provide a fun filled introduction to mime + movement whilst developing the essential technique required for ballet.

GRADES 1 - 8 (7 yrs+ ): By taking classes and working towards graded examinations, pupils develop core stability, weight placement, turn out + line. Awareness of artistry and dynamics is also recognised and rewarded. Exercises encourage the development of sound technique, relevant for the ballet world of today. If taken to Grade 6 and above, the marks attained also count towards UCAS entrance points as they are recognised by Ofqual - the Office for Qualifications and Examinations Regulation.

VOCATIONAL GRADES: Intermediate Foundation is the first of the RAD Vocational Graded Examinations in Dance Syllabus. It provides an in-depth study of ballet; developing the technique, music and performance skills of the student. It also introduces Pointe work as part of the exam. This is a highly focused and practical training education and, for students wishing to take exams at Grade 4 +, two ballet classes a week is common. The Vocational Graded syllabi are appropriate for students from the age of 11 years. Vocational Graded classes require maturity and technical aptitude.

BALLET BODY CONDITIONING (Grade 1+): A free of charge class that comprises a unique mix of body conditioning and ballet-based floor work. This is for students Grade 1 and up which will prove to be an invaluable, complimentary session to students’ regular ballet class. BBCon seeks to improve: flexibility, core stability, strength, fitness levels, stamina and coordination.

POINTE PREP: Specific strengthening exercises to prepare pupils for the demands of pointe work.


JUNIOR (6 yrs+) : A fun filled 45 minute session incorporating limbering (for strength + flexibility) as well as new steps and routines not covered by the ISTD or RAD syllabi. A variety of music and dance styles are covered in the class as pupils learn how the steps they have mastered translate to the stage, as well as how to perform in a group. Guest teachers are invited in each term to cover all aspects of performance. This is a non exam based class and any performance opportunities sought out by teachers are offered to pupils of this class. Selected pupils, who show dedication to their dance and study all three disciplines, are also offered solos, duets and groups to compete with in the All England Dance Competition.

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INTERMEDIATE (9 yrs+): Developing the skills learned in the JP class, this 60 minute class is faster paced and challenges pupils with longer sequences and new steps each week. Stamina and strength are encouraged with tougher exercises for the more mature body.

SENIOR (12 yrs+) : In this 60 minute class pupils continue to build on the techniques introduced in the Junior + Intermediate Performance classes. Pupils widen their range by experimenting with props and sometimes even heels whilst continuing to develop the strength required for their  advancedModern, Tap + Ballet work.



'Street' is an informal style of dance involving a variety of moves often developed in public spaces such as streets, clubs and playgrounds.

Our teacher Kate's style has a more commercial/jazz edge to it, with dances always performed to the latest chart tunes.

Classes are for those aged 3 upwards.


The focus of these classes is on creativity followed by a meditative aspect. For pre school pupils (3 - 5 yrs) the yoga will be broken down into a rhyme or story whilst for the Juniors (6 - 8 yrs) age there will be more physicality and learning about their bodies. 

Yoga improves flexibility and strengthens growing bodies, improves concentration, and provides tools to manage anxiety.